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Creating Future Champions

Pitching | Hitting | Catching

Here at Champion's Edge, we'll work with the athlete and the person. The athlete will learn to hone their skills and improve their technique. The person will increase their confidence, develop better sportsmanship, and learn why yesterday's failure doesn't determine tomorrow's game. 

We offer softball lessons for hitting, pitching, catching & fielding, baseball hitting lessons, and even lessons for strength, conditioning, speed & agility! Become a better athlete ... become a CHAMPION today! 

The Household Name

Champion's Edge Athletic Facility has been operating for nearly 25 years. In this 10,000 square feet of space, we work with students in all levels of experience. Whether it's mastering your craft and athleticism, or teaching the fundamentals of the game, Champion's Edge has been finding and featuring some of the best players in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Our instructors come with a wide range of knowledge and love for the game. From coaching them on the ins-and-outs of the sport to honing their athletic skills, we’re proud to teach not only the love of the game, but to also impart the ideals of good sportsmanship, teamwork and loyalty. 

We give lessons in Softball Hitting, Pitching & Catching. But we're more than Softball too! Baseball players can get lessons in hitting and catching. And coming soon... Strength & Conditioning and Speed & Agility training! Stay tuned for more info!


Our team has decades of experience with  training softball & baseball teams and players. Our coaches will work with you individually or your entire team to get them in top shape for their season. Our goal is to help every aspect of the players abilities"

- Tony Matthews, Owner

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310 S Mitthoeffer Rd,

Indianapolis, IN 46229, USA

Phone:  317-895-1180

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